Gypsy @ Rawai B B Q

  • ถนนเลียบหาดราไวย์ 117/3 Wiset Rd. Rawai Muang Phuket
  • โทร : 0819785989
  • Website :
  • วันที่เปิด : MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT,SUN
  • เวลาเปิด-ปิด : 11:00 - 22.00
  • ราคา 101-200บาท
  • ร้านอาหาร
  • จำนวนที่นั่ง : 40 - 50
ออพชั่นเสริม :
Our Menu has exactly 249 items listed in Thai, English and Russian. Its too extensive, mind boggling and when you are hungry its so frustrating to search the menu list for something that you will please you. Your expectations are high as you have done your research and found our blog, Tripadvisor or some other media and you are looking forward to a great gastronomic meal and your research was done long before you set off from your home. So today the great plan is to list some of the most popular dishes that even the most fussy will be pleased. All else least it be forgotten, there is NO MSG in our cooking.